Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Parents say
Love starts from the eye
Heart where love throne
Starting from the greet
Greeted by who called
Is that the meaning of LOVE?
About human and his heart?
Or love to the real Lord?

Was not He owner's LOVE?
Who loves all human beings
Exceeded to the cautious
All the love only for the Lord
Transformed follow to the beloved Messenger

Is he the right
capture LOVE
cultivating LOVE
along the way
as far as a travel
Hunting a forgiveness
pleasure His seeking
The result is heavenly bliss.. 

Our Mudir

Do you know who is Ustaz Dahlan Mohd Zain? For who does not know, let me introduce him first. His real name is Dahaman @ Dahlan bin Mohd Zain. He was born at 16 February 1934 in Kampung Jejawi Dalam, Perlis. He was the son 4 from 5 siblings. Ustaz Dahlan received his early education in Sekolah Melayu Jejawi and his secondary in Sekolah Menengah Agama Alawiyah, Arau. Then he furthered his studies in Bachelor of Shariah and Arabic literature at Baghdad Universiti, Iraq.

After return home, he choose to be a teacher in Sekolah Kuliah Abu Bakar, Pekan Pahang. He then moved to Kuala Lumpur and work as Religious Official State Electricity Board before returning as a teacher where he received his education, SM Al-Alawiyah Arau. Then he continued his responsibilities as educators in SM Agama Perempuan, Perlis. After establishing MATRI in 1987, that is where he devoted himself as mudir and also murabbi until the end of his life. Ustaz Dahlan is married to Datin Halimaton Hussin that more friendly to call ummi among students of MATRI and blessed with 4 children.

 The biggest contribution Ustaz Dahlan he was a founder of the Islamic movement in the injected awareness and comprehension of Islam as a whole and awaken awareness Islam in Malaysia. For anyone who ever met him must be aware of the strength of his personalitywhich is owned by him. Between up bringing which is done by Almarhum was to speak with wisdom and gentle. The presentation style always fresh.

At 18 September 2010, Ustaz Dahlan passed away in his house in Kampung Kersik after return from Hospital Tuanku Fauziah, Kangar after beingin the Intensive Care Unit (CCU) in unconscious condition for 41 days. Departure of Ustaz Dahlan accompanied by family, friends, students and peoples when his burial ceremony safe laid to rest in Tanah Perkuburan Islam Perkampungan Tunjung located in Beseri, Kangar Perlis. Hopefully, the late soul ranks among group solihin, cautious and theologians that champion deen Allah.

Message from ustaz Dahlan: 
"A good murabbi is murabbi that affordable educate the students in order to be better than him."

Ustaz Dahlan

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art tAlk iSlaMi

Art tAlk iSlaMi...

When open eyes, our mouth also start speak until we close our eyes. Can we live without talking? I can't imagine how our lives will be going if no one speaks in a day. but we must remember that these talks should be in a true place. islam also has outlined so that we can talk well. such as prophet hadith which means: " those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, then speak well or silent." (story of al-Bukhari)
so, manners when talk in islam are:

  • Tell the truth  - before say something. Should be careful and think better

  • Good words - greet fine words to be good heard by others

  • Less talk - the prophet word: " Indeed people that most I hate from among you and most distant from me on the Last Day is people which many talk." ( Story of al-Tirmizi)
  • unmistakable - speak with a clear voice to the hopes and the information presented can be understood by those who listening

So, let us try to reduce our conversations that are not beneficial in our daily life. hope with this we can increase our pahala and reduce the wage of sin in our life.Lastly, may Allah bless and forgive us. 
I got this from magazine solution issue no 27 written by Haji Zainuddin Ali

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mY BelOveD fAmilY

mY BelOveD fAmilY

      What should I tell about my beloved family huh? Maybe I should introduce them one by one.

     mmmm..Firstly my dearest mom's name Jamaiah. my mom clever to cook and sewing. I like to eat food that cooked my mother. Once my mother always done bread and something special for my family. But since get dress order which many from others people, my mother already seldom make it. until my dress also my mother cannot make.I feel quite depressed but I do really bother actually.
       Narrate on my father, make me sense become more loving to him. He a father that strict but caring with his family. although outdoors him one that friendly but in his house more keeping silent. The behaviour that so meaningless he did not carrying out responsibility him as a father. But he have the way that distinctive in educating his children. now my father already quite aged and the health always uncertain. I worried by him. I hope Allah will extend the age and preserve the health.
    My first brother. Sofiuddin. I called him `abang long'. abang long is a kind and responsible person. He married last year with my sister in law, Roziyana. They just got a cute son in last Disember. My nephew son's name Mohammad Afham Fikri.
    Then my second brother, abang ngah.He also a kind brother for me. and he also gave a handphone for me.=) Even its second hand but I appreciate it. Thank you abang ngah..

     My sister, Inarah. I really love her so much. Because she only the one sister that I have. I'm always jealous with her because she always done matter that look perfect in other person eye. Because I'm not like her.huhu.

          My brother's Akhyar. I called him abang yat but sometimes my brothers and sister called him adik. Because our age difference gap 5 years.
          Lastly I love my family so much.=) That's  all for this time. Sorry. I really don't know what should I write. expect guidance from all of you and please comment what I has written. hehe

Wedding day of abang long

Afham Fikri

mY beloved fAmilY

Thursday, January 13, 2011



Alhamdulillah..I am grateful to Allah. Finally I got a chance to write something in my blog. Actually I'm not a good person in something that involve internet.That's why until now I have not post anything in my blog. And one thing that happen to me and same also happens to some of my friends is I can't believe that I have a blog. It quite funny that person like me have a blog.That is my opinion but I don't know how the other people. Because I have no laptop, it is some difficult for me to open internet always. Moreover I dislike to make difficult to my friend, because they also has works that they need to do with their laptop. Can I be like that? I don't know but this is my true self. One more thing about me is actually I don't like the other people see what I wrote especially in english. Cause I know my grammar is bad.I shame with myself and my friends. I hope with this blog, Ican improve my english language. I'm very need help and also du'a from all of you. Oh Allah, please fulfill my request and make easy all my matters...